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Fries With That?

27 Oct

After years of witches, vampires and devils the girl decided to go for a cute costume.  We found directions to make this box of french fries in the Food Network magazine.  Directions can also be found online here.

I didn’t take pictures of the work in progress, as my helper and I were both covered in paint and spray adhesive. 





Let’s Get Ugly, Part One

25 Oct

The girl, with my encouragment, decided on an Ugly Doll party for her birthday this year.  I was inspired by a post on the blog BunnyCakes.

We have been gathering supplies for several weeks, but hadn’t done anything with them until today.  Today we made the invitations and started on the gift bags.

ShellyS, a fellow flickr member, allowed us to use her photo of an Ugly Doll party for our invitations. Go check out the original and the rest of her stream.